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A manufacturer of medical gloves needed to transfer large bales of a very tacky rubber material from a queuing conveyor, through a right-angle turn, up an incline conveyor, and through another turn into the overhead feed funnel of a pelletizing extruder.
The tacky nature of the material dictated that the bales could not touch one another during transport. Also, process constraints required the queuing conveyor to run at a very slow speed while the incline conveyor ran faster.
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Custom material handling devices were designed to complete the transitions between the conveyors and the extruder. A powered roller conveyor set to match the slow speed of the queuing conveyor is mounted to a custom lift-rotate device, which carries the bale through the turn.
A pusher device assists the transfer of the bale from the roller conveyor onto the faster incline conveyor.
At the top of the incline conveyor, the bale coasts onto a ball transfer table and another pusher sends the bale down a gravity roller conveyor and into the funnel of the extruder.
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